Our Team

Trained as architects or engineers, Preview’s consultants have melded that professional background with years of experience in their respective fields and as code and regulatory experts.  The team members have served, and continue to serve, on committees for a broad spectrum of national codes and standards writing organizations including ICC, NFPA, ASCE, ASHE, ASHRAE, NIBS, NIST and UL.  Two members also serve on the Ohio Board of Building Standards and the California Building Standards Commission. 

In addition to their professional registrations, members of Preview’s consulting team maintain a variety of code-related certifications, including those as ICC Plans Examiners (for all I-Codes), Chief Building Officials (CBO), and California’s Certified Access Specialist (CASp).  Team members also stay actively involved in their professional organizations at the local, state and national levels.

The extensive qualifications, certifications, and participation in the code development process and regulatory arena allow Preview consultants to be on the cutting edge of code changes and developments as they occur. With their many years of experience in the process, they have the historical perspective and knowledge base to help our clients achieve regulatory compliance in the most straightforward way.